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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


What do I pay for shipping?

  Your s/h has been prepaid on your award selections. 
 2.  When will I receive my award selections?
  You should receive your award selections within 2-4 weeks.  If there are any problems with a shipment, you will be contacted by Your Elephant Customer Service. 
3.  What if I don't like my selection once it arrives or if there is something wrong with it?
  At Your Elephant, we want you to be happy.  For most items within 30 days, if you are not satisfied with your award selection or if it was damaged during shipping, please contact us at  We will be happy to replace the item or reinstate your points so that you can select another item.   Please be sure to include your name, the company name and your order number in your correspondence.
4.  I ordered several items.  Will they all ship together?
  Usually when there are multiple items on an order, they will ship separately.  We do this to safely ship each item and get your selections to you as quickly as possible.
 5. Can I purchase points?
  Yes, you can purchase points.  Simply call the toll free number (800) 970-1502 with your credit card, we will process the card and add the points to your account. 
 6. I don't have any points yet.   Can I add items to my wishlist while I'm waiting to obtain my points?
  Yes, feel free to load up your wishlist in anticipation of receiving your points.  It will make your shopping much easier once you do receive your points.